The Wave

The Wave: Washington, D.C. (Part 1)

October, 2014. I was working for a government agency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I frequently traveled for training and this was my second time in Washington, D.C. that year for a class. My friend and I were aimlessly roaming the downtown streets of our nation’s capital. As the chilly cold whipped around us, slapping us directly… Continue reading The Wave: Washington, D.C. (Part 1)

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Traveling With Natural Hair (w/o Going Insane)

Traveling with natural hair is tricky. You have to worry about enjoying yourself while on vacation, yet also fighting with your hair to keep it from being a hot mess. I’ve figured out what works for me and my hair when I go out of town; whether I wear my hair out or in a protective style.… Continue reading Traveling With Natural Hair (w/o Going Insane)

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4 Reasons to LOVE Solange’s “A Seat at the Table”

“A Seat at the Table” is black as hell. Solange’s latest compilation of art, appropriately titled “A Seat at the Table”, was released on September 30, 2016. In my opinion, Solange’s newest album is the most cohesive, exceptionally produced, relatable, honest, and empowering album released this year. With features from Kelela, Tweet, BJ the Chicago… Continue reading 4 Reasons to LOVE Solange’s “A Seat at the Table”

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Make-Up & More for Women of Color 

Are you constantly on the master search for the perfect beauty product? Are you also not sure how certain products will swatch on your deeper skin tone? Jewell’s Lips and Tips is the perfect guiding tool for choosing the perfect products for your skin. Not only does my friend Leonyce (the owner and creator of the… Continue reading Make-Up & More for Women of Color